Kitten Coven

Kitten Coven

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A sisterhood of cats planning to take over the world, one tease at a time.


TABBY TWITCH is a NYC based burlesque performer whose passion is flirting with people for pats and treats. When not stalking a stray feather or sequin, or lolling about on the bed in a catnip haze, Tabby poses as actress and writer Jane Cortney


Pussy Chimera is an NYC burlesque persona and performer and a part of the performance art installation "Nora 6592" and is featured in "Rape Everything Magazine".  Each of her acts are derived from the personalities of homeless, stray, rescued, or shelter cats, some of which are still available for adoption. All of Pussy's performances are 100% cruelty-free, from her faux-fur, to her make-up, to the milk she drinks onstage.  


Photo Credit: Desiree de Sade, Mac Brydon, Malinda Sorci, JC Vasquez.



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Adoptable cats

Each of the cats pictured here are currently available for adoption at Bideawee NYC. 

To feature an adoptable cat on our website, please contact us.